Connect to the global dance community and to the most powerful creative forces in the dance industry!

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Submit your video to a Dancematic showcase then share your video and your passion to see what can happen.

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mentorship can take you to your next level

As a registered user you can purchase feedback from the world's leading choreographers and directors. Not only will you build your network, but you will also receive invaluable information.

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Not only will you learn more about your dance technique and performance level, but you will also learn what's important in today's dance industry.

Just some of the things you will learn are how to film your dance with an iPhone and how to light your piece effectively. You will also learn from YouTube stars how to build your audience and your personal brand.

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Get mentorship from your favorite dance celebrity from anywhere in the world. Just click on your favorite mentor and purchase feedback. The mentor you choose will watch your video and give you personalized advice and tips on everything from improving your performance and choreography to how to make a more exciting video.

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  • Jamie King
  • Mia Michaels
  • Willdabeast
  • Ian Eastwood
  • Robin Antin
  • Kevin Maher
  • Nick Demoura
  • Vincent Paterson
  • Tessandra Chavez
  • Chantal Robson
  • Dave Scott
  • Arlene Phillips
  • Mark Summers
  • Elm Pizarro
  • Kyle Hanagami
  • TWitch
  • Allison Holker
  • Nick Gonzalez
  • Todd Flanagan
  • Erik Saradpon
  • Jojo Diggs
  • Napoleon and Tabitha
  • Galen Hooks
  • Tony Testa
  • Brian Friedman
  • Shaun Evaristo
  • Dejan Tubic


Danceamatic is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Stay tuned for the NEW & IMPROVED Danceamatic site and interactive mobile applications!


Danceamatic is an exciting new community created to bring dancers from around the world together. We feature monthly competitions judged by a variety of celeb dancers & choreographers.

The Story

Founded by Tony Selznick & Jason Galoob, Danceamatic was developed by dancers for dancers. Our goal is to create a space where dancers, judges & spectators can come together to form community, gain insight, ask for feedback & test their dancing skills. From beginners to professionals, Danceamatic is a place where you can have fun & show off your stuff!


Not only is Danceamatic a rapidly growing community, but we feature monthly dance competitions for a variety of skill levels. Judged by industry professionals, each contest will focus on different dance styles. We’ve made it easy to submit your video entry, get involved & start having fun.