Happy by Pharrell Williams

Concept and Choreography by:
Karlo Familara and Angelina Grima

Angelina Grima

Filmed and Edited by:
Karlo Familara

Props and Special Guest:
Gustavo Segovia

We do not own rights to the music. Copyright infringement not intended.

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16 thoughts on “happy.”

  1. Angelina, this is the most charming video – so full of life and great sense of humor and freedom!! Well done and your idea for the credits is brilliant!!! thank you for posting. I hope the other mentors see this!

  2. I’m so happy to discover that this is a solo vid! I get to see all the movement involved without getting distracted by too much of the surroundings. I’m a fan that’s for sure! Everyone don’t forget to also give props to Karlo Familara, Angelina’s choreography partner :) Great work to the both of you.

  3. This is a great concept. Of course I love the idea of happiness. Such an adorable start. Fun personality, and keeping the movement consistent with the idea of HAPPY. And yes I agree with Tony, love that the concept continued into the credits. Well executed.

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